Silver Syntax LLC

Silver Syntax is the web technology consultancy of Tom X. Tobin.


Tom is a veteran web developer and Linux system administrator with over 18 years of experience.

His background includes:


If it involves Linux, Python, JavaScript, SQL databases, or general web development, we can handle it.

You need someone to drop into a large project, tame a legacy codebase, train your junior developers, or build your next site from scratch? We’ve got you covered.

Full-stack, DevOps, Agile? Functional, Object-Oriented? Tests, Version Control? APIs, Containers? Not a problem.

We’re not just about code: we can edit, improve, and correct just about any sort of writing, from manuscripts to technical documentation. It’s okay if you don’t know “your” from “you’re”, or what the heck an em-dash is — we do.


No matter where you’re located, we can help you: we have years of experience working remotely, with both on-location and distributed teams.

We can visit you face-to-face to go over our services if you’re located in any of the following areas:

If you’re anywhere else, we’re just a phone call or Skype chat away.


Drop us a line at to discuss potential projects.